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Are you a singer, songwriter, or instrumental musician who wants to record a song or make an album, but can't afford big studio prices?  Do people often tell you, "You should really record that"? 

I'm an audio engineer with a studio in which I can record your songs and help you take them all the way to a finished product.  I'm also a singer/songwriter, and I play piano as well as B3 organ, electric piano, guitar, bass, and drums. If you decide to make a whole album or EP, the "finished product" I wrote about above includes photography, setting up graphic art, creating a physical cd, creating mp3 files, as well as getting your music digitally distributed to places like iTunes, Spotify, and about 50 others.  It brings me a lot of happiness when I help someone finally document their talent in a form that they can share with their friends, their family, and the whole world.  Maybe you've been putting it off for a while.  Maybe it's time.

Email me and let's get started!  

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I graduated from Belmont University with a music degree in 1996, and I've been making music ever since. I'd love to help you make your music into something you can share with others. 

My main areas of expertise style-wise are  soft rock, folk, country, gospel, rock, alternative, and other similar styles. 

My prices vary depending on the nature of the project, but we will work out the details before we start any work. Anything you want to do on top of that (call in other musicians, graphic artists, cd production companies) will depend on their prices.  I keep a detailed record of any work I do for you.  
Okay, so let me give you an example of how this really works.  I brought a local Nashville artist named Garrett Baker into my studio, and he left with a professionally packaged cd and all his songs up on iTunes (and about 50 other digital distribution places).

STEP 1:  Garrett played some of his songs for me, and we talked about his vision for his music and what he wanted the end product to be.

STEP 2:  We started recording tracks.  On some, he brought in other musicians that he had worked with.  On others, I played many of the instruments. (any time I can play them for you, you don't have to bring other people in, so you save money... here's an example of one of his songs on which I played both the drums and the B3 organ.  That's him on the guitar.  He did bring in a bass player and a lead guitarist that he was used to working with.)

STEP 3:  All along the way, I uploaded his files to Dropbox and sent them to him so that he could hear them and give me feedback.

STEP 4:  As tracks were more or less finished, he came back and sang several vocal tracks which I then edited and pitch corrected where needed (this is standard... most people don't sing everything perfectly on key every time).

STEP 5:  When he was happy with the sound of the tracks, I mastered them.  I then created mp3 files of each song.

STEP 6:  We had been working on the graphics along the way, which included a trip to downtown Nashville where I took several pictures of him that we then used for the inside of his cd (see below). 

STEP 7:  After I set up the graphics and shared them with him on Dropbox and we agreed on a final look and sound, he came over to the studio again, and we got a UPC code for his album, ordered the packaged cd's, and uploaded the digital versions of the music so that people could buy them at places like iTunes.

And that's it!  Here are some examples of the artwork for his album (some are photos that he brought in and wanted on the covers... yours will be your own choice, of course... I can do photography for you if needed):



back cover: 


 tray card (I took this pic in downtown Nashville):

cd in case:


I also set up a web site for him on Bandcamp so that he could offer his music to people on his own terms.  Bandcamp is a free site that lets you set your own prices for digital downloads, as well as offer your physical cd for sale.  I recommend it as part of your strategy for selling your music and letting people hear it.  It is easy to paste a link from Bandcamp right onto Facebook, and people can click the "play" button right from their Facebook feed to listen (see below for example).  I find that people don't like to click very often on the internet, and this makes it simple for them to listen to you as they continue to read Facebook posts.

(example of a Facebook post with embedded music player:)


So email me, and let's make some music!  I have a limited amount of time in my studio schedule because each artist takes quite a bit of time and energy, so there's a chance I will be booked up.  Let me know as soon as you can that you are interested so that we can get started.  My studio is out on the east side of Nashville, TN.


Extra details:

-If more people than just yourself will be coming to the studio, I need to know in advance.  Typically, no children will be allowed during a studio session, and usually only musicians who will be playing on your tracks will need to be there.  

-On the day you are recording vocals, you may want to wear soft clothing that doesn't easily make noise, as the microphone can pick up even faint noises.  Water bottles that stay sealed except when you are drinking from them are allowed, but no other beverages can be present in the studio.

-I will keep a detailed record down to the minute of any work I do for you.  After I do significant work on a song or songs and I'm ready for you to hear them, I will send you an invoice showing exactly what I have done up to that point. You can pay through Paypal, check, or whatever suits you.  Once you pay it, I will put the updated songs in a Dropbox folder for you to hear, download, and give me feedback on.

-Any work I have done since you've been in the studio must be paid in full before or on the day of your next recording session. 

-I keep everything you do backed up online in an encrypted format, so even if my computer with all your recorded tracks crashed, I would be able to recover it all, and we could just pick up where we left off.

-Any musicians called in will set their own prices with you, and this will be in addition to my own payment.  There are charges involved in getting your album packaged and digitally distributed, and you will pay those costs directly to the companies involved.  I will walk you through this process.  

Email me